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North Star Stables offers a variety of riding lessons for all ages.  Whether you've never been on a horse, or you're experienced, we offer something for everyone.  We welcome the mature rider. These are some of our regular offerings - check the calendar for current and upcoming sessions. We do NOT offer trail rides to the public.


Beginner Riding Lessons - Series of 4 Lessons

Looking for a fun outdoor activity for yourself, a friend, a spouse or the kids? Our lessons will teach you to groom, saddle and ride at the walk and trot. Great activity for children, adults, friends and couples. Best suited for ages 8 and up. We welcome re-riders and mature riders!


These are “hands on” lessons. Each participant will be assigned a horse for the duration of the series. You will learn to groom, saddle, bridle, blanket and of course ride!


Class sizes are limited. Participants may bring their own helmets or we can provide them. Shoes or boots with a heel are recommended. Dress appropriately for the weather.


Ground Training

Learn to “read” the horse you are working with, learn how to deal with that pushy horse and get your horse to focus on you!


Need more control of your horse on the ground? Horse won’t stand quietly? Want to form a better working partnership with your horse? Just want to learn more on ground exercises and lunging? This is the class for you!  We will work on getting those ground manners improved and learn how to get your horse to respect your space. Learn how to lunge your horse properly and keep them in condition!


This is a class for beginners to experienced riders or anyone interested in working a horse on the ground.


Confidence & Conditioning Clinic

Need to get ready for summer riding? Need help with feeling confident in the saddle? Is your horse out of shape, lazy and sassy from this cold winter?


Let’s get ready for summer riding! This class is designed to help you and your horse have a successful and safe riding season. We will work on arena exercises, basic horse behavior and how to work through it with confidence, preventing further unwanted behavior and much more.


Game Night - 6 Sessions 

Let’s keep you and your horse in top condition! We will be working on how to get clean runs and better times while running the WSCA game patterns.


Not interested in showing? Game Night is still for you!  Learn some fun arena exercises, work on reining, achieve better balance and have fun with others!

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