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Our clinics focus on one specific area in horse riding.  Everyone has different interest and wants in horseback riding and we love to help you learn more in your area of interests.  ALL of our classes are in the outdoor arena. Please dress for the weather and wear riding boots or shoes with heels.

We offer a wide variety of clinics to fit everyone's interests.  We would love to help you grow and learn more in the areas that you're interested in.  Clinics can be organized on these or other topics for groups of 4-6 or more to fit a group's needs or interests. We do NOT offer trail rides to the public.


NSS Back in the Saddle

This program offers adults a great opportunity to spend time with horses and other horse lovers, all while expanding your equine education and enjoying the outdoors!

Need a little “pick-me-up”? Horses are proven to have a therapeutic effect on people, whether it is physical, mental or emotional.


You will learn: 

General horse care

Tack-usage, and riding

General Horse Care: Feeding management, pasture, and hay, hoof care, horse body language.

Tack: parts of the saddle along with other riding equipment and cleaning and the care of tack.

Riding: Grooming, catch & leading, saddling, riding postures, gates, safety in the ring and on the trail

NSS Safety Clinic

This program offers adults a valuable equine education on horse health and safety.


This two-day course includes the following curriculum:

Horse Safety

Beds and Bedding

Hoof Care

Nutrition and Feed

Color and Markings


ABC's of Dressage

Learn the ABC’s of basic Dressage & Hunt Seat. This class is tailored for all types of riders

young and old.


You will learn how to:

 What Aids are 

 How to use them

 About Arena Exercise

 Making Horse Bend

 Making a Horse Supple

 How to use Ground Poles

Winter Riding Clinic


Winter Riding Clinic


Avoid the “winter blahs” this year!

This is a hands-on clinic. Each participant will be assigned a horse to work with and ride for the duration of the clinic.

This 6 session series clinic will not only give you a chance to ride but also learn essentials for horse care during the cold season. This series is tailored for all types of rider's young and old, experienced or novice. This would be an excellent activity for parents and children as well as couples!

Excellent Christmas present too!

Training Clinic

Learn how to Train and work with a horse.  This clinic includes how to lunge and work with a horse on the ground. This series is tailored for all types of riders young and old, experienced or novice.


You will learn how to:

 Lunge-line

 Ground drive

 Resolve leading & tying Issues

 Introduce something new, such as saddle, bridle, winter blanket

 Bridle for the first time

 Use & adjust side reins

 Teach a horse how to bend from the ground

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